Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Trailrunning Party

Last night, our trailrunning group ran from a different location. We decided to go to WyCo Park and run a short little 5 or 6 mile loop on some gnarly and hilly singletrack. Eight of us showed up: seven veterans and one newby.

It was still and dark, with no moon to help with the lighting. The snow and ice conditions were perfect for running. The snow was melted down to 2-3 inches, and was at the perfect temperature where it packed well, instead of slipping under our feet. I was leading the pack. The last 3/4 mile or so, four of us ran at a 7:30-min/mile pace over the rocky and hilly course. We stopped and waited at the last road crossing for the other 4, then finished the last few hundred yards together. What a fun run!

We also decided to have an mini-party after the run, at Shane Jones' house. I brought some of my homebrew - a keg of my latest version of K├Âlsch, and a large swing-top bottle of my Belgian Winter Warmer. The beer was a hit, and Shane & Brandi's chili, cornbread, and cookies hit the spot. We had fun telling various nutty stories related to running, mountain biking, and other debauchery. "Good Ben" even spent some time helping to get the Jones' computer working correctly again. I had just received the new Kansas City Trail Nerds hoodies, and gave some of them to all of the trailwork volunteers that were there. The new hoodies employ Jason Crosby's great artwork on the front.

The group had gotten together behind my back and had purchased me a very nice $100 gift certificate to a local outdoor/hiking shop. They also sprung for a nice bottle of Holiday Cheer. They said it was for being the crazy organizer/"fearless leader" of all of our trail runs throughout the year. Thanks, Trail Nerds!!!

Tonight, No Running - I'm going to go into the gym and do a major leg workout, and then some cardio. Tomorrow night we'll run 10 miles of trails at SM Park, and the next morning, (Friday), Kyle and I will do a "big loop" of 17 miles of trails, also at SM Park. We'll take it easy Sat & Sun, then run again on Monday morning.

I may brew a batch of Whiskey Barrel Stout on Friday, after our run. Here's the basic recipe for my 10-gallon all-grain batch:
20 lb. British pale (Marris Otter)
1 lb. Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
2 lb. British crystal 50-60L
1 lb. 8 oz. British chocolate Malt
1 lb Chocolate Rye
12 oz. British black patent
1 lb. Carafa
8 oz. Roasted barley
1 lb. Rye Malt
1 lb. Wheat Malt
2 lb. Oat Malt
Mash: Single-step infusionInfuse boiling water to temp of 152° for conversion rest for 60 min. Sparge with 170° water.

Boil: 90 minutes. Add 6 oz of Scharffen Berger Unsweetened Cocoa, last 10 min of Boil. Add 15 grinds of Black Malabar pepper, last 10 min.
2 oz. Amarillo Plugs (60 min.)
1 oz. Amarillo Plugs (45 min.)
1 oz. Amarillo Plugs (30 min.)
2 oz. Kent Goldings (5.9% AA, 30 min.)
2 oz. Kent Goldings (5.9% AA, 15 min.)
Yeast: Wyeast British Ale II, #1335, 200 billion cells. Pitch yeast at 75°. Ferment at 70° for 7-10 days rack to secondary. Secondary fermentation at 70° for 20 days. To secondary vessel, add 2.5 oz of medium-toasted French Oak chips that have soaked in Maker's Mark Whisky for 2 weeks.
Carbonation: Force carbonate the b*tch. (2.3 volumes of CO2 in kegs).


psbowe said...

What a recipe!
Gym tonight?? No shopping w/the gift card!? :)

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I'll use the gift card after Christmas, when they have their big sale! I can wait.

Josh said...

a runner that makes his own beer --that's the dream right there!

robtherunner said...

Once again I am jealous of your trail running adventures. Always sounds like a great time.

Hunahpu said...

The Whiskey Barrel Stout sounds like it's going to rock. Wanna send me a bottle? :)

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Sure, I'll send you one when it gets finished, (in about a month). I might even toss in a Belgian Winter Warmer, if there's any left.

Bolder said...

man, i gotta find a locale running group like yours!

you guys know how to do it right!!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I invented and promoted my own running group from scratch. Ingredients: A couple of buddies, a website, a group web site, and presto...a bunch of Trail Nerds are born!

partyrunner said...

i can't believe that with my dear love of beer i have not even thought of making my own beer. what a great, fun activity!
suggestions on where to begin?

ps i also like your running nerds group. i should start one...

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Go to your local Homebrew shop and buy a "kit" for making beer. You can get more complex and have even more fun later.

Next month, I will have my 2nd Annual "Beer Utilization & Reduction Party" (BURP). This is an event that I invite my homebrewing friends, my wine snob friends, and my running friends. The goal of the event is to reduce my stock of homebrew, which builds up to about 50 gallons, this time of year. I'll have 6 different beers on tap, this year.

Last year's event kicked ass! I didn't get rid of much beer, though, because the homebrewers brought a lot of their own brew, too. It was crazy cool fun. I even had a nationally-known beer reviewer to show up and critique my beers. His rating: 2 thumbs up and a slight stagger to his walk.

shliknik said...

Wish I could've been there, Ben. Lucy and I were wrapping up last minutes things before we flew to GA. I've been back here only three days and already hit my 'ol trails once each day! Gotta keep this country cookin' off my belly! See you guys soon and can't wait to see the hoodies!


Tammy said...

Some day, I gotta get me some a that bad ben brew! *^)

D said...

You are hardcore BadBen!