Thursday, December 29, 2005

Running Quotes and Training Logs

Ultra Running Quote of the Day, (found on a sign on the course of the Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run Trail Race):
"it never always gets worse." This quote is originally attributed to David Horton, I think. David is a Crazymanrunner & Race Director and wrote a nice little piece on "Completing Your First Ultra-Marathon" a few years ago.

Check out these other quotes.

My Training Log:
Last night I hit the stationary bike at the gym for 30 minutes, then did a 1-hour leg training workout, with ab supersets between sets of leg reps. I then went and met up with the Wednesday Night Run group for supper. I used to run every Wednesday with that group, but I'm shunning pavement for the most part, lately. It was nice seeing some new faces there.
Tonight I'm going to run 7 miles (after dark) on technical trails with the Trail Nerds.

Be ready for 2006! Here are some ways to log your progress in the new year, if you missed my last post.

On-Line Running Logs:

Excel-based Log For Running Stats:
David Hays' Log will track/graph everything, including shoe usage.
Here's another version of David Hays' pre-modified for 2006 with room for up to 9 pairs of shoes, for your entire running shoe collection.

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