Friday, December 09, 2005

Gort! Klaatu barada nikto!

Have you ever had a day at work where you feel completely alien, like you've just landed on some strange planet, and everybody just looks at you with their heads cocked sideways, like you're speaking some alien tongue?
I'm having one of those days. Maybe nobody has had as much coffee as me, but it's like they can't keep up or something.
It must be caused by this really cold weather. Their frigging brains must be frozen. Or maybe I've finally evolved to the lifeform that I was destined to become.
Oops, wrong planet!

On a different note, I've finally posted my main running/other events and goals for 2006. I didn't post any of the marathons that I might do, though. The first event will be RR100. It should be a busy year, and hopefully I'll remain uninjured and healthy. The same to you, I hope.


Susan said...

I hope the aliens are gone by Monday . . . tgif for sure!

robtherunner said...

Ben, It looks like you will be coming my way this year hopefully. The RD for CCC 100 is going to change this year since Randy Gehrke is stepping down, but I plan on pacing a friend, as well as volunteering at the beginning of the race. It is a great course and well worth the trip. Looks like a busy year for you.

Tammy said...


Marshall said...

Looks like a good plan for 2006. Our paths may cross at Rocky Raccoon. That's on my schedule, too. Hope to see you there.

vsbscg said...