Wednesday, December 07, 2005

KC Trail Nerds

My Running buddy Jason Crosby came up with a cool design based upon a previous Ink-doodle, that our trailrunning group will use for shirts and a banner. Jason is a darn good graphic artist from Central Georgia who runs trails with the rest of us nerds. If you want a design for your needs, give him a jingle.
I'll have the banner up on my rented shelter at the Rocky Raccoon 100-Mile trail run in February. There should be 6 or 7 KC-area runners entering the event, this year. Usually, it's just little ol' me.
I'll also put the banner up at my race, the "Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run" that is scheduled for 1 week after Rocky. It will be a busy February, once again.
Now I just have to get through the Winter uninjured and healthy!

Beer-related post: My Imperial Rye-IPA has been fermenting like crazy since I brewed it on Sunday. The most recent version of my "Gute Träume Kölschbier" that I brewed for a friend turned out well. Luckily, I'll have some left for myself. I'm going to bottle a few extras for some of the Germans at work, also. They are all from the Köln area in Deutschland.


Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Love the graphic. I also checked out your Hamster Link. Funny stuff. Oddly enough I have the Hamster Dance song on my MP3. Its an interesting tune to run to...good for speed

Jennifer P said...

I love the shirt!