Friday, November 30, 2007

KUS Award & Other News

I haven't posted to Blog Land for a while...I've been very busy.

I recently had the honor of receiving a very nice award from KUS, the Kansas Ultrarunners' Society. It's KUS' Ultrarunner Member of the Year award. It's a traveling award, and here it is.

Phil and Stacy Sheridan (of KUS) posted this about the award:

Ever play the 20 questions game?? See how fast you can figure out who the member of the year is?? If you were at the meeting you already know the answer... here goes.

1. Is this person female? No
2. Does this person live in Kansas? Yes
3. Is this person retired? No
4. Does this person have a dog? Yes, (and the dog designs single-track trails)
5. Is this person single? No
6. Does this person have children? Yes (and a grandson)
7. Does this person wear glasses? Yes (sometimes)
8. Does this person still have hair on his head? Yes
9. Does this person drive an SUV to haul gear to races? Yes - (a Honda Element)
10. Was this person born in Kansas? No
11. Has this person been featured in a magazine article about running and races? Yes
12. Has this person finished a 100 mile race? Yes (many)
13. Has this person paced another runner in a 100 mile race? Yes
14. Does this person enjoy running on trails? Yes
15. Has this person formed a running club? Yes
16. Is this person a race director? Yes
17. Does this person have a wacky sense of humor? You bet!
18. Has this person ever driven his SUV around with running shoes hanging on the front? Yes

19. Has this person ever buried a whiner in a shallow grave in the woods? No (We hope not)

20. Does this person brew his own beer with such names as: Sherpa Porter, Noggin Splitter, and Bitch Slap Black Ale? Yes!
...Anyway, this was quite an honor and quite unexpected.

In other news:

My son recently was promoted to manager of his own Starbucks Store. It opened this past Monday near one of the busiest intersections in the Metro area. (It's also a drive-through). In addition to setting up the new store and ordering regular shipments of stuff, etcetera, he had to interview, hire, and train 6 shift supervisors and 20 baristas. I'm proud of him, of course. Here he is during his first day of opening madness:

He was nervous for about the first two hours, until he realized that his awesome crew was handling everything just fine...validating his training methodology.

Pretty cool!