Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Slick & Rainy Trail Run

Last night, nine trail runners showed up to run on the muddy trails (with melting snow here and there) at Shawnee Mission Park. The wind was blowing, it was 37F, and it had started raining when we got going at 7:15 or so. I led the group for the whole run.

We had one newby and one getting-back-into-shape regular, so I took it fairly easy on the first 5-mile loop. Those two didn't elect to run the second loop, so I picked the pace up to 1-min/mile faster. We couldn't run much faster than that, because it had started raining really hard for the 2nd loop. With the rain, the "mud frosting" on our "trail cake" became really slick, and the rocks here and there were like greased teflon to run on with our mud and snow-coated treads. It required a lot of concentration to run fast, and every now and then an assist from pushing or bouncing-off a tree on the corners.

WHAT A FUN TRAIL RUN! This is the kind of stuff that Kyle Amos and I love to run on. (Yeah, we're weird).


csuper said...

Well if you took it easy on the first loop then I'm glad I wasnt there to slow you down when you picked up the pace. Thanks for a killer workout! See ya Thursday.

-the newby --Christian

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

It had better freakin snow again! I've already done the running in the mud thing and am ready for some scenic runs in the pretty stuff. By the time I'm able to run with you guys again, I'll be the "getting back in shape" guy that you'll be taking it easy on. :-(

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

teehehee...I can relate. And I'd of likely been one of the ones only doing one loop...for now.

psbowe said...

Man, I'll say you guys like punishing yourselves or something. Or just too dedicated, way to go though.
Honestly if it wasn't for blogging, I would have quit running back in Oct, like I always did every year.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Sounds like it was a blast! I've had hikes like that before, but no runs...yet.

CAMILLA said...

I´m happy to hear that there are other´s in the northern hemisphere who actually try to run in snow, mud and cold...Happy running, Bad Ben. Next week I´ll be going above the artic circle. Looking forward to running with northern lights over my head!