Friday, December 30, 2005

Famous Lies told to Runners at a Race

Over the years I've heard some whoppers from aid station crews, course officials, race directors, and people on the sidelines of a race.
Here are Some Famous Lies told to Runners:

"The finish line is just ahead." - (No way).

"The aid station is just ahead." - (the aid station crew hasn't even set up, yet, or it's 5 miles away).

"Trust me ... this is the last hill." - Translation: 4 more hills.

"It's all downhill from here." "You're almost there." - Translation: 5 more hills.

"Another 100 yards, around the corner, and you are can turn on the speed, now." - (It's always 1/2 mile to go when they say this).

"You're looking really strong." - (You look like a stumbling, self-flaggelating drunk).

"You're looking good, keep it up." - (You look like total dog shit)

"You are breathing're in a groove." - (You're practically asthmatic, you're caked with dried salt, your face is an almost purple-red, you are slobbering, and you're bleeding from 6 spots on your body when they say this).

"That guy is in your age group! Go get 'em." - (He's actually 10 years younger/older than you, so don't worry your little, mileage-addled brain).

Heard from the finish line of a 10K: "if you can hear my voice, you can still break 40 minutes." - (No frigging way, with just 10 seconds left...don't be a fool, yet again).

"Just an easy 5K to go!" - (usually said by some numb-nuts-non-runner with a bull horn at about Mile 21 of a marathon).

Heard before trail ultra-distance races (many, many times): "The course is well can't get lost."

Said (incorrectly) at the mile 53 aid station in my last 100-mile trail run: "This container has water, that one has Heed in it...let me fill your water bottle for you." - I almost threw up when I drank it, because Heed was mixed with my sports drink.

...And the biggest whopper that I've ever heard: "Just 1.5 more miles and one major hill to go." - Said at the last aid station at the Superior Trail 50 in 2004...there were actually 3 major hills and 7 miles left to go in a 50-mile race that turned out to be 57 miles long! (We were warned at the start of the race that the new, 2004 course might be slightly long-ish). I still had fun, though, (even though the finish line was not marked and I was lost for 30 minutes trying to find the damn thing).

Can any of you RBFer's share other race lies that you've heard?

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