Monday, November 10, 2008

Vet's Day Run, Haiku, Limericks

We had another fun little Vet's Day 4-mile Trail Run this past Saturday.

2008VetsDayRun 009
The eventual winner, Juraj.

Like all of our low-key short races, this one has a $8 entry fee. But this one is a little different: If you are a veteran, or current member of the armed forces, police, fire department, park ranger, or EMT emergency services, your entry is FREE.

The course itself is a real ass-kicker, and you have to be a world-class runner to finish it in under 30 minutes. This year's winner came within a minute.
2008VetsDayRun 015

We also had some "wordy-fun," too -

Vet's Day Run Haiku's and Limericks:

Chilly, Breezy Morn
Crunchy leaves hide rocks, roots, mud
Oh-Eight Vets Day Run
(by Bryan Hay)

It was the vet race of o-eight
In the chill we tempted our fate
We ran in the cold
Breaking the mold
To all the volunteers I think that you're great!!!!!
(by Nick Lang)

They trod the trails for Vets Day
Though skies were cold and so gray
But rocks, roots and miles
produced nothing but smiles
As a Vet, I was honored, I'll say!
(by Gary Henry)

A man ran WyCo in a trance,
The hills stepped on him like ants,
But it didn't matter,
He lost control of his bladder,
And on the finish line he Uta Pippiged his tight pants.
(by Ben Holmes)

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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't Sh*t Yourself

Seen at the top of "Doomsday Hill" at the Spokane Marathon in October. Uta Pippig, eat your heart out!


Photo courtesy of Scott taken at the 2008 Spokane Marathon.

By the way, I've got a fundraiser going on. Believe it!