Friday, December 02, 2005

Trail Run Thursday Night

For our scheduled group run last night, just Doug showed up to run with me on the BuRP Trails. It turned out to be a nice, easy-going run with lots of good conversation. Thanks, Doug!
The temperature was about 20 degrees F, it was very dark, and we had two crossings of the Blue River. After the second crossing, my feet were numb until the end of the run. A nice, hot shower afterward cured that in a hurry.
To anyone who didn't show up - you're a Complete Wuss; no ifs, ands, or buts about it.

I had a good weight workout this morning; back and biceps, with plenty of abs and some calf routines thrown in. I intend to go back into the gym tonight and hit the step treadmill and the stationary bike for some cross-training cardio. Tomorrow, we're doing trail work on the new singletrack section of WyCo Park. We'll run two loops of the park and try out the new section on Sunday, for about a 20 mile run.

It will be a busy weekend. Our company's holiday party is Saturday night and I fully intend to homebrew Sunday afternoon. Somewhere in there, I have to install a new humidifier, fix a toilet, and move two of them to my daughter's place. Oh yeah, I need to clean out the roof gutters again. Most of the rest of the leaves dropped this last week, and it's been very windy.

About the homebrew. I plan to brew an Imperial IPA that has a fair amount of Rye Malt in it. I will also use the rest of my homegrown hops. The starting gravity should be in the range of 1.075 to 1.085, depending upon several factors. I'm basically going to "wing-it" with this all-grain batch, depending on what ingredients I have lying around.


Dirt Runner said...

thanks for the email. funny post about college station (11-11 post). My wife's an aggie. See ya at Rocky.

Johnny Lyons said...

Temps in the 20s, they were wusses! They should see if they can handle my bitter Tucson evenings, temps in the brutal 50s with dry river crossings ;)

susie said...

So how's the homebrew coming along? Or did the humidifier/toilet/beds/gutters take all day:) Busy, busy.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

The homebrew went ok. My buddy Greg came over and helped. It was darn cold the whole day, standing around in my garage with the door open.
I got the gutters and toilet done, and helped move around furniture, but the beds will have to wait. The only thing my wife was pissed about is that I didn't get the Christmas lights up on the front of the house. I guess I can't do everything in one weekend.