Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stressssss Fracture

Yep. 2 fractures in my right foot. I ran for 2 months in denial for up to 67 miles/week like an idiot (and in pain). My last event was Dude, where's the trail 50K...where I ran until I couldn't run anymore...and then walked the last 5 miles to my slowest finish ever. Hat's off to Sophia and Greg and Chad and Kurt for coddling me. (I love you guys).

I've spent the last 4 full weeks of non-running-hell in limbo. Not pissed. Not unhappy. Not whining. Just resigned to the fact that I can't run.

Oh well...it could be worse. I could be a KC Chiefs fan.

I'll come back stronger than ever. Not just "Bad Ben." But Bad Motherfucker Ben.