Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Weekend Running & Good Beer

Labor Day Holiday Weekend!

What a holiday weekend.

I entertained my inlaws, watched my grandson, and ran (on trails) for long-mileage on Saturday, and short on Sunday.

Sunday night, though, my son and his friends and I had a few beers and sat out in the garage. We decided to go to Costco for steaks and salad fixings, and I let my son's girlfriend drive, because she hadn't imbibed, up to that point.
What a feast we assembled! And the beers were great. On tap was a Belgian homebrew of mine (Old Mill), a strong ale of mine (Drive-by Malt Liquor), and we also had a bottled version of an Abby Ale.

Monday was a kick-back and relax/recover day. I don't JUST SIT AND RELAX too often. Normally, I would run the Heart of America Marathon or something similar, on Labor Day. It was nice just to sit and chill.

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