Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Tuesday Night Impromptu Trail Run

Three of us decided to run on trails Tuesday night (after dark), on a whim. We decided to run at "Psycho WyCo" Park. The temperature is finally cooler and we were feeling great for running fast and furious up the relentless WyCo hills.

We spotted many deer, and Jason's new xenon flashlight probably caused them a great deal of retinal damage. My hand-held was about out of juice, so it was confusing... with his bright light bringing up the rear (and casting spooky shadows), while mine was dimly giving me just an inkling of what lie ahead. Running in the woods (near-blind) requires a lot of concentration and "trail-feel".

We put in about 7 miles, but with the crazy footing and the hills in that park, it felt like 12 road miles. It was a nice way to round-out Tuesday evening.

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Scott Dunlap said...

I've enjoyed perusing your blog. I look forward to hearing about your quest for the Hardrock 100!

Thanks for stopping by and adding your comments about race directing. My hat is off to you guys.