Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Back to Psycho WyCo! and the Rocky Raccoon 100

One day every weekend, we have been running on the east side of the Wyandotte County Lake trail. This last Sunday, however, five of us ran a modified loop of the Psycho WyCo course. It's good to be back to the BIG hills, rocks, mud, and sights & sounds of the whole WyCo trail system, once again.

I was tired Sunday afternoon. I forgot how much the hills and crazy footing take out of a person. That's the reason why I get in such good 100-Miler trail shape over the Winter...we run two 10-mile loops on a Saturday or Sunday all Fall/Winter.

Speaking of 100-milers, I am registering for the Rocky Raccoon 100-Mile Trail Run today. It will be on Feb 4th, 2006. This will be the 4th year in a row for me to run it. My last 3 finishes have been tough, but fun. Several folks from KC will be going down for it: Mike Schupp, Dave McGuire, and (new to trailrunning) Rick Mayo.

My goal is to finish and improve on my best time. I want to run a sub-23-hour time, this year. Barring any injuries (like last year), I should be able to do it. A time of 22:45 or faster would be schweeeet!
My 2004 Race Report
My 2005 Race Report

Rocky Raccoon Course Description
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Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comments on my blog Ben! I can't believe it: A real-life "Ultra Runner" right here in the KC area, how incredible! I love all of your ramblings about beer by the way, and best of luck to you as you train for your 100 mile race. What kind of distances do you have to finish to be prepared for that kind of venture? And have you run the entire Brew to Brew from KC to Lawrence?

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Training for a 100-mile trail ultra is the same as for a marathon, except for these differences:
I have 2 long-run days (back to back) on the weekends, instead of one.
I train for the type of course or terrain as best I can by running on similar surfaces.
I run once per week after dark on rocky/rooty trails. This gets me ready for the last 40 miles of a 100-miler that are after sunset.
Luckily, I have trailrunning buddies that like to train with me; it makes the time fly by.

I ran Brew to Brew solo in 2000. I now manage the last aid station (#9) for Brew to Brew. It's a lot of fun.