Friday, September 23, 2005

Dreams of Western States, Hardrock, and Leadville

I want to run the Hardrock Hundred in a couple of years. Hardrock is probably the most difficult 100-mile trail run in the world. It is a big loop course that starts and ends in Silverton, Colorado. The high point on the course is 14,048 ft, and it has a total of 67,ooo ft of climb and descent. They give you 48 hours to complete it, and the winning times are usually about 28 hours. To put that in perspective, I finished the last 100-miler I ran in 24 hours, and I'm a middle-of-the-packer.

To qualify, I'll have to first run one of the following difficult mountain 100-mile runs: Wasatch, Eagle, Bear, Leadville, Angeles Crest, Massanutten, Western States, Plain, HURT, Bighorn, or Cascade Crest Classic.
I've picked Western States as my vehicle to Hardrock Heaven, but even though I've qualified for Western, they also have a lottery system to get in. So my dream of running it will be fulfilled not only after a lot of hard work, but will also depend upon f*cking dumb luck.

Last year, I paced (72-yo) Lou Joline at the Leadville 100. I definitely got "mountain fever" from hanging around in Colorado for nine days. I loved the challenge of high altitude and constantly changing weather. Kyle and Stacy were out there with me for while; (Kyle, Stacy, and me are in the photo below).

I'm much more of a mountain person than a Midwest person. Especially a Colorado mountain person.

It would be great to run Hardrock in 2007. After all, I'll be 50...that's five-zero years old, buddy. To get prepared, I'll have to crank up my trail mileage, lift more weights, and continue with my 15 x 15 abs per day regimen. For mental preparedness, I'll keep drinking good beer and listening to decent music. (Running with a hangover, occasionally might be good training, too). Goals are good. Difficult goals are better, and make life more interesting. Hmm. Maybe I'll run off with Jessica Alba or Teri Hatcher. Difficult goals, yes, but...

To read a great Hardrock race report (with photos) click here.

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