Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Gas Prices, Bicycling, Rednecks, Shiny Shorts, and Portland

Kansas City is slowly adding more bicycle lanes and the bus system is getting better. Eventually, alternatives to single-occupant car commuting in this town will be better.

Hopefully, with higher gas prices, we can push for more bike lanes in the 'burbs, as well. It really is scarier riding in the suburbs of KC, than in KC itself. More Big SUV-Attitudes, I guess. I've had half-full beer cans whiz by my head while running along main streets in the 'burbs, but never in the city itself. I've also had the same thing happen out in the country on my bike, but it's usually followed-up by a honk or a yell of "faggot", or similar. The redneck factor is ubiquitous, and rears its ugly head, occasionally; especially when I'm wearing shiny black bike shorts, it seems.

That's one of the reasons why I'm moving to Portland, Oregon, when I retire. You can even take your bike onto a light-rail train, if you want. It's a biking, running, walking, train & bus riding type of town. When I'm there, I walk at least 15 miles per day. The excercise is always offset by copious amounts of good beer drinking, though.

My son and I were in Portland in Mid-July. He got to experience Portland as an adult for the 1st time. Of course, he's thinking of moving there, now.

The unpaved trail system leading out of downtown Portland and through its multiple park spaces is incredible. I tend to find time to run when I'm there, even on business. The last business trip that I took there, I spent an extra day there, just so I could run my ass off. I figure I put in a 35-mile day on that Saturday in 2002. Don't tell my wife. (Actually, she would understand just fine).

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shliknik said...

My sister almost got a job in Portland. She went for the interview, they hired her, but placed her in their Dallas/Fort Worth office though. She was a little disapointed and said she would rather have been in Portland. Either way, I'll be seeing part of the country I never have when I visit!

Jason Crosby