Monday, August 22, 2005

Matt & Kevin's Brew Day

My son Matt (on left) and his friend Kevin brewed a batch of beer last Sunday. I gave them a recipe to follow, and they brewed it from whole grain. They occasionally needed my help, but were pretty much self-sufficient.

Matt has very good taste in beer, and Kevin has developed a taste for good beer, (especially homebrewed Belgians), since he's been hanging out at our house.

They can't afford to buy the beer that their taste steers them to. The solution? Brew it themselves!

Matt had brewed professionally before, but has never brewed a 10-gallon batch on my homebrew equipment before. Good job, Matt! We'll see how it turns out, after fermenting for a couple of weeks. Maybe your dad can try a few pints for "Quality Control" purposes.
The initial name for their first batch? Madskool Malt Liquor. Next; On to Belgian styles!


heavenlysublime said...

Whoa home brew beer. That's cool. Wonder if you could pass on the recipe? hehe.

Anyway, great blog. Thanks for visiting mine.

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