Friday, September 23, 2005

Rita's Wrath and the Politics of Bad News

As Rita approaches the Texas coast, the world watches. I was in Houston last week, and had talked to lots of people displaced by Katrina to Houston from Louisiana. Many sad stories. Now they have to pick up stakes again and head out with the Houstonians. This really sucks.

The govenmental and NGO's response should be better, and more fine-tuned, this time. I'm optimistic that it will be.

I've had many friends and associates tell me that they are upset by the "witch hunt" and "blame game" going on, for trying to get to the bottom of what went wrong with the Katrina response. (Some of these people are still saying nothing went wrong, by the way). They need to keep in mind that this is still supposed to be a FREE SOCIETY, and a free press is part of that. Without the press, no one would of known about much of what was going on during Katrina, because the press was there before the government. The president was ignoring it until one of his brave staff told him how bad it actually was. (You see, our wonderful leader does not watch the news or read papers or internet news; he relies on his staff to tell him what's going on in the world. This smacks of "Ivory Tower" to the Nth degree. Staff members are loathe to tell him bad news, you see, because of his history of reaction to said bad news). He likes to be surrounded by people who agree with him. This makes it hard for someone to approach him with a different viewpoint other than the one that he has already formed.

We need to learn (and learn darn quickly) what went wrong with the Katrina response, because we are just HALF-WAY THROUGH THE HURRICANE SEASON, you f*cking dolts!!! If that means finding blame, or firing not-right-for-the-job college cronies, so be it. We need to be prepared for up to 5 more Ritas and Katrinas, this year. Thank goodness the president has turned his attention to the problem (and has accepted the blame for the Federal response).

What's weird is, he's finding out that there is deep-rooted poverty in the Gulf Coast region, and wants to throw money at the problem. If he would actually look for poverty in this country, he would find it everywhere. But, we will have to wait for one of his staff to tell him that, I guess.

Throwing money at the poverty problem is not the answer. Especially since we're throwing money at Iraq and other problems at a historic level, without actually paying for it now; it's all debt. When will people wake up and notice that the "New" Republican Party is not the party of fiscal responsibility? They are spending the country to death. Maybe that is part of the NeoCon plan, to "kill the beast" (of government), and proceed with their "final solution" of gutting any social programs and just funding a large military for doing what we want in the world. America, the "Hegemonic Bully", as it were.

I'm not saying the Democrats have a solution for anything, currently. They don't have a unified focus and seem to regurgitate back the viewpoint of the "poll du Jour". I'm not too hopeful that they will have a viable candidate, within 3 years, but maybe the Republicans won't, either. The way things are going under this administration, though, you would have to be either blind or a mindless ditto-headed follower to think that things are getting any better.

I'm disgusted with both parties, have been for years, and pissed that we don't have more of a choice in this country. It appears that we have too many folks in the government that live in ivory towers and are out of touch with what's going on. Their agenda seems to be power and money only, funded by all of us middle-class saps (and our children and grandchildren).

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