Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Houston, oh Houston

I spent all of last week in Houston, Texas. It's not one of my fave places to go. For one thing, the air pollution can be horrendous, and mixed with the early-morning humid fog, it's like breathing acid. I can't run outdoors while I'm there for that reason. I joined a local gym for the week for my exercise fix.

We were driving over that cool-looking Hartman Bridge in east Houston, and one of our hosts stated, "isn't this a beautiful view...when are you guys going to move down here to "God's Country?" From the bridge, all you could see was refineries and chemical plants for miles & miles. I responded, "if God was a 400-lb chain smoker who bathed in chemicals, then I guess this is God's Country." My comments weren't very well received.

The last night that I was there, though, I was intent on having a good time. I went to one of my repeat favorite spots, the Flying Saucer, and had a few really good brews. It was the high point to my trip. My favorite beer was the Yeti Oak-aged Imperial Stout from Great Divide Brewing. An incredible brew.


owenlars said...

And their football team stinks, too.

brent d. said...

Thanks for visiting my site and leaving me an inspirational comment. I really need that! I've done a little trail running and my ultimate goal is a 50k... slowly but surely...

I've enjoyed reading your blog and I've added it to my daily reads. Thanks again!