Friday, August 19, 2005

Steamy (Night) Trail Run

Three of us had a nice, steamy trail run last night (after dark), on the BuRP trails. The level of the Blue River was up for our water crossings, and the spiders were still trying to catch a runner or two in their webs. James Barker got his glasses torn off of his face by a spider web, while Kyle Amos almost stepped on a recently-deceased beaver, and I fell down and got real muddy. In short, we had a blast! The score: No ticks, 42 ruined spider webs, 42 pissed-off spiders, 2 bruises, 3 sweat-soaked runners, 3-pairs of muddy shoes, and 1 muddy car seat.

We've been running at the BuRP (aka Minor Park) location for the last 2 Thursday nights, instead of the SMP location. This is due to the current tick situation at SMP. Ticks are non-existent at BuRP, so far this year. Come and join us for a fun after-dark run, sometime. Remember to bring a flashlight and/or headlamp.

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