Thursday, August 18, 2005

Potpourri Hopfest

It's lunchtime; time for a blog.

The last two nights, the hop plants that I planted at the side of the house (3-years ago) have been ready for harvesting. I picked about 10 ounces of hops, so far. 10 oz doesn't seem like a lot, but if I harvest some more, I'll have enough for a 10-gallon batch of Imperial IPA!

The hops are of 4 different varieties: Cascade, Centennial, Willamette, and Chinook. The vines are all interwoven, so I have no idea which are which. Oh well, a "potpourri" hop addition to my brew is in order.

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hurihawk said...

I like th potpourri idea for beer. In a round about way it reminds me of a potpourri of clear liquor. You know the flavor, you have less than shot of rum and vodka and whatever else in the cabinet. So screw, just pour them all in a glass with a little oj, some ice, straw and a smile.