Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Daydreaming about Beer at Work

A fellow runner and homebrewer called me last night. Jeff2 asked me a question about a batch of beer that he suspected might have taken a turn for the worse. I was driving back from Lee's Summit at the time, and we talked on the phone until I arrived in my driveway 40-minutes later. (Traffic was light, and I at least used my hands-free adaptor, so I wasn't a total safety-Neanderthal).

Jeff2 and I have been trying to get together at my house, so that he learns how to homebrew all-grain style. He enjoys playing his guitar while brewing, which adds another fun element to the proceedings. My homebrew sessions normally include either IPod music or sports on the TV. Live music would definitely be a treat.

I started thinking about the conversation while here at work at about 5:35 PM. Darn, a homebrewed beer sounds good, right now. I'll be good, though, and hit the weights, dreadmill and Lifecycle before going home for a hard-earned homebrew. I'd run with my regular group, but I can't make it there in time. It's fine, though, 'cause it's darn hot outside, tonight.

Lou Joline is in Leadville, Colorado today. He's trying to acclimate to the altitude and become the oldest finisher of the Leadville Trail 100-mile race, at the age of 73. I crewed and paced him last year, but he only made it 62 miles. Good Luck, Lou!!! A photo of Lou is upper right.

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