Friday, March 03, 2006

A Week's Training; Bad Wreck; Brutal Week

Let's catch up:

My daughter was in a bad car wreck last Friday night; (see photo from wrecking yard). She broke her left wrist and banged-up her knees and right leg quite a bit. She will do ok, and so will the person that caused the accident. My daughter was borrowing one of our vehicles when the wreck happened. Luckily, my grandson and nobody else was in the car. The insurance thing is going ok, (at least for me). I should have a check within 2 weeks for the car, but I know they will take a while to settle with my daughter for medical and lost work time. We ended up having our grandson over at our house for a lot of this last week to help her and her S.O. out. So things have been real busy at home, in addition to tons of stuff going on at work for me and my spouse. It has been an absolutely BRUTAL week.

I'm still not hitting the training as hard as I did before my last 100-miler. In part, it's due to the events of the last week. I'm also still in recovery mode somewhat, so I'm not putting in the miles so much during the week, but I still save the weekends for my higher mileage runs. I've also "run the gauntlet" of having everyone around me sick (before and after the 100-miler), and I still did NOT get sick. I think this is due to not pushing myself as hard after the 100-mile race, (when my immune system is usually comprimised). Yes, I am getting smarter with age!

Here's my last week's training:
Saturday: 18-mile trail run at SM Park in dry conditions at 40 degrees F, or so. I wore shorts. Note: I found a wild rose bush while bushwhacking, and ripped the crap out of my exposed legs. Only superficial damage, though...I ran for the next 2 hours with blood dripping from them.

Sunday: 10.35 miles on the WyCo course with 5000' of elevation change. I also went hiking and trailrunning with my grandson and dog later at WyCo, and took down some more trail markings from my race.

Monday: Massive Gym routine, no running.

Tuesday: Very warm night with record high temps. (We've gone from zero F to 79 degrees within the span of a week). Night trailrunning for two 4.7-mile loops with the Trail Nerds. We did the first loop in 39 minutes and the 2nd loop in 35 minutes. I was leading.

Wednesday: 1-hour Gym routine, no running.

Thursday: Night running with group for one 6-mile mini-loop at WyCo. I didn't do a 2nd loop, even though I wanted to. My knees have been "talking to me" since the race, but are almost back to normal. (I didn't want to ruin my plans for running long on the weekend).

Friday (this morning): Massive-superset gym routine, with additional 20 sets of abs. Holy crap, I felt strong! 'Must have been the coffee.

Plans for the weekend:
Tomorrow: 22-mile trail run at SM Park. Host a bachelor party for Alex on Saturday night!
Sunday: 10-mile trail run at WyCo, (quite probably with a hangover).

That's it. TGIF!


running42k said...

glad the daughter is ok. Plus no comments about women's driving. Good for you.

Donald said...

Yikes - how scary. Glad everyone is OK.

Dirt Runner said...

I'm glad to hear that your daughter is OK. Sounds like you need a vacation!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

No, I just need more time out on the trails!!!

D said...

What a sucky week. Glad your daughter is fine. Looking at that card, obviously it could have been worse!

You need a good run and then chase it with a drink.

Tammy said...

wow...that musta been some wreck. So glad everyone involved was ok.

robtherunner said...

Glad to hear your daughter and everyone is okay. I suppose this is a preview to my life when my kids grow up and start driving.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

OMG! Glad your daughter's ok.

charliedog1965 said...

Sorry to hear about your daughter's accident.

I happened across you blog via "Batscout's" blog and decided to check it out since I also have an affinity for weird eclectic music, belgian beer and caving.

Small world, eh?

olga said...

Ouch!! Glad she is OK.
You are doing great, I don't know what you're talking about "not training". If everybody was "not training" the way you do:)

shliknik said...

Glad to hear your daughter is OK. As you already know, trail running is the best stress reliever!

Rae said...

Whew! What kind of car did that used to be? I'm so glad everyone was OK.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

It was a 1997 Saturn SW2. The passenger section held up extremely well, the airbags deployed, the "safety cage" kept intact, etc. For a small car, it was a very safe car to be inside of during a 55-MPH accident. I'm glad she was borrowing one of my cars, instead of driving hers, at the time.

psbowe said...

Hope things are better now.