Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Race Report: Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run

Race Report:
2nd Annual
Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run
50K, 20M, 10M Trail Runs
Saturday, Feb 11, 2006

This was the 2nd year that I've planned and race directed this race. It was a beautiful day to go for a run in the woods! The weather was crazy, but there was no mud (on loop one, anyway), and it was darn gorgeous out there with the light dusting of snow. The course was a little tougher, this year. We got rid of the grassy out-and-backs and replaced them with hilly single-track trails. There was approximately 5000 feet of elevation change per 10.35-mile loop. Todd Nott hit the trails hard, and flew up and down the steep hills for a 4:41:11 (50-K) 1st-place finish. Local "Trail Nerd" Caleb Chatfield took 2nd Place (4:48:34) in his first ultra. Jamie Donaldson from Littleton Colorado, blew away the female field in the 50K. There were medals for the finishers of each race and long-sleeve shirts for all. The design was by fellow Trail Nerd Jason Crosby, who completed his first ultra at the race. Another RBFer, "Good Ben" ran the race as well.

I had a wonderful team of volunteers to man the aid stations, and make the run fun for all:
Wyandotte Triangle (tent) Aid Station: Matt Holmes, Jeff Perry, and Rick Mayo.
Shelter 10 Aid Station: Stacey Amos and the extended Amos Clan (and a few others).
Main Start/Finish Aid Station: Trudy Nepstad, Kristi Mayo, Karen Williams, Rick Mayo, Dave Boone, "Awesome" Robbie McPherson, (and many others).

In addition, I've had quite the crew of Kansas City Trail Nerds to help clean and maintain the trails, and help with the planning, marking and logistics. The park rangers and Wayne Burns of the Unified Govt Parks Department were once again, great folks to work with.

This year we had homemade food that included: Shelter 10 Scooby Snacks, Paula Keltner's cookies, James Barker's chicken soup & bean/barley soup, and other treats.
This year's race was much better attended. 197 total finishers out of 213 starters. (Last year, we had 43 starters). The main reason was the addition of the 20 and 10-mile events.

Here's how the three events stacked-up:

50-K Race: 41 Finishers
20-Mile Race: 35 Finishers
10-Mile Race: 121 Finishers

Whew! It was fun, but a heck of a lot of hard work. The last 2 weeks have been real hectic, with my 100-miler PR run, and this event. Both events will be the same next year, so I'd better get even more organized.

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Race photos, courtesy of Kristi Mayo

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Happy Trails,

Bad Ben
Race Director


Dirt Runner said...

Congrats on a great race. That is a handful to go from running a 100 miler to RD the following week in different states.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Thanks, Rick. I'm just glad another busy Jan & Feb is nearly over.

olga said...

Wow, you're an RD! Gotta plan on this one next year, what do you say?

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Olga, Come on down and enjoy some Midwest hospitality!

Garou said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. Congrats on the increased attendance. I haven't decided on doing an ultra yet, but I could see making the trip down to give it a shot.

Josh said...

Congratulations on the race! Sounds like things went smoothly!

Susan said...

That sign is really funny. Great job on your race.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Thanks, everybody.

Rae said...

Awesome! It sounds like a lot of fun!

angie's pink fuzzy said...

Yay! I'm hoping next year I can participate!!!

Tammy said...

congrat! wow, you drew entrants from all around, didn't you? St. Louis...cool.. I was there this summer. :)