Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Nine Trail Runners hit the Dark, Snowy Trails

We had nine Trail Nerds show up last night for our weekly Tuesday night trail run at SM Park. We would have had 10, but a newby got confused about the Mapquest instructions to the park.
What's amazing about this is: It had started to snow, and there was 1 to 2 inches of snow accumulation on the ground when we started, AND: all nine runners did two 5-mile loops instead of some of them dropping after the first loop! Nobody fell on the rocky, rooty, icy and snowy trails, and everyone's lighting aparatus' seemed to work fine. Another first for a large group - Nobody whined!

My training for today will be a Gym workout:
Back, Biceps, and calves and 40-60 minutes of cardio.


E-Speed said...

no whining? I think I may have to make a trip ;)

olga said...

I loved your profile description...I should come back and re-read it often. And great run on 20, as well as snowed one!

Oldman said...

it is amazing how you guys like to run in snow. is't it cold?