Friday, January 27, 2006

Body found on Trail at Last Night's Run

We had 10 Trail Nerds show up for the trail run last night at WyCo Park. We were going to do 1 or maybe 2 hilly 6.8-mile out-and-backs. We were cruising along pretty good, when we happened upon a body in full camo fatigues lying on the ground on the side of the trail. I actually said "whoa" really loud, and then went back to him. He at first appeared dead, but then he moved and put his finger to his mouth like he was saying "shhh." He then said, "I'm OK" and we resumed running.

On the way back he flashed a blue LED flashlight to let us know he was up ahead. He asked us if we were part of the rescue group from the archery range (5-miles away). We said no, we were just running on the trails. Weird. We continued back to the parking lot. It was now about 8:30 pm, and nobody wanted to do a second loop. Imagine that!

Upon further reflection (and after one wickedly-good homebrewed beer), I realized that he was probably involved in a Civil Air Patrol (or similar) rescue scenario. He was playing the part of the downed pilot or whatever, that the rescuers had to find. I was part of a scenario like that many years ago. Basically, it's a bunch of hand-held HAM radio operators dressed in camo who do rescue scenarios, and occasionally search for real (dead and live) bodies.
At least that's what I hope was going on.

Today's workout:
No running...(tapering for my next 100-miler).
Did the Gym Thang early this morning: 20-minutes on stationary bike, followed by a killer leg and abs workout.


Scooter said...

I could see how that could weird you out.

psbowe said...

Oh my, you had my hr going there for a bit!
Takes me back to my freshmen year in college. During one Sunday morning recovery run, my teammates and I came across a body hanging from a tree!! I tell you, it was the most horrific thing to see! It was guy from our school right before Thanksgiving weekend.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

This park has occasionally has dead bodies dumped in it (about once/year), so of course, I thought the worst when I saw the "lump" on the side of the trail.
It kind of killed the mood to do a 2nd loop. Go figure.

E-Speed said...

Wow I would have been freaked out!

Joyce said...

yikes! that is freaky! I once almost ran over a body laying out on the middle of a back road once... dude was hammered and once i swerved, he got up and staggered away!

franericks98889656 said...
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Susan said...

That would completely freak me out!

Tammy said...

My little bro was in the civil air patrol while still in high school. I think you guessed it correctly, but I can see not wanting to do another loop... just in case he's really a lone nut case! LOL.

angie's pink fuzzy said...