Monday, January 23, 2006

2 Weekend Runs in Decent Winter Running Conditions

Yet again, for Saturday and Sunday, the conditions were just about perfect for running. We're having a great Winter this year and training is going along great for most runners in the area.

Six Trail Nerds showed up to run on Saturday at SM Park. We did 10 miles or so. The trails were only muddy in a few spots. Raul, Debbie, and Julie made an appearance. We haven't seen Raul in a long time, and we haven't run with Da Grrls (Debbie & Julie) for a while, so it was a pleasant time catching up.

Sunday, we had 13 show up to run at WyCo Park and do a dry-run of the Psycho WyCo course. (I think one more may have showed up later to run on his own). We chugged our way through the hills and dales to loop around the lake, back to the parking lot. I left after one 10-mile loop to stay true to my tapering schedule. A few others decided to go on and do 2 loops. Three or four were going on to run a total of 3 loops! Good going, Trail Nerds!


E-Speed said...

it has been surprisingly nice weather here too. Very hard to keep from going outside to run even though it is a recovery day.

psbowe said...

It's always a plus to have great weather.

D said...

I really have to go check out this Wyco park you always talk about - bald eagles??? Wow. You are right - we are experiencing fantastic running weather lately.

Ben, aka BadBen said...


We run almost every weekend out there. This Sunday, we will meet there at 7AM to run one or more 10-mile loops (slowly). You can check the Trail Nerds schedule at:

Happy Trails,
Bad Ben

olga said...

The weather is doing something right for all...I wish it holds on.