Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Five Easy Miles in the Dark

Last night, I only ran one 5-mile loop on the trails (slowly) with some newbies. We had 10 Trail Nerds show up, and we broke up into a fast and slow group right I dropped back to lead the slow group. It's cool, because I'm trying to make myself taper for my next 100-miler in two weeks.

142 runners have registered for the 100, so far. That doesn't include the 2006 USA 100 Mile Trail National Championship runners who may be running in the event. It could be an exciting race this year, or at least a crowded start.

This morning I hit the gym and did a weight workout for back and biceps with lots of ab and calf work, in between sets.


olga said...

I can't believe you 100 is so close! It's so exciting! Any predictions? Did I miss it by joining later?

Susan said...

Wow, I'm still in awe of 100 miles.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

My prediction for the 100 miler:

I'll finish. I will survive the finish. I will be swollen for 2 or 3 days after the race.
As far as predicting a finish time? Well, from my previous finishes on this course, anywhere from 22 to 25 hours, I would suspect. Don't quote me on that.