Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Solo Night Trail Run

I had a really nice trail run, last night.
I had gotten off from work a little late, so I couldn't meet and run with my Monday night pavement buddies. I like social runs, but I'm becoming quite an "anti-pavement activist" runner, of late. I put on my (recently dried) trail shoes and drove to Shawnee Mission Park. The Earthriders MTB Club have recently put in some new trails at SM Park, so I ran on them alone.

I love running alone, (at night), on trails. The sounds of deer and other animals are everywhere, but just out of sight, and you have this self-produced "tunnel of light" to run in. You would think that it would be spooky, but I find it naturally comforting. I usually run all night without company on my 100-mile trail runs, so it's good to get used to running alone. Rocky Raccoon is only 2 months away, after all!

I hit the trails pretty hard, and cranked-out 5 miles quickly. It was unseasonably warm, and I sweated through my clothes by the time I finally stopped back at the car.

Afterward, I drove home and showered. I then went with my son and his out of town buddy to 75th Street Brewery, to meet up with my regular Monday night running group. It was Cooker's 57th birthday, and his wife was there with a cake to celebrate.

Today is Tuesday. I will meet and lead the "usual suspects" on an after-dark 10-mile trail run at SM Park. Fun, Fun! We've been averaging 9 people every Tuesday night. Night trail running is great training, and darn fun, too.

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