Friday, November 11, 2005

Good, Cool Night Trail Run

We had a nice, cool run at Minor Park on the BuRP Trails last night. The temperature was right at the dew point, so it felt much cooler than it actually was. I wore shorts with a long-sleaved lightweight top, and gloves.

James called and said he couldn't run...he had almost gotten there, then realized he had forgotton his running shoes. I've done the same a few times, as well. Work and a busy lifestyle gets in the way of memory, sometimes.

Doug, Jason, and Good Ben showed up, so we had a 4-person crew to tear up da woods. Jason was feeling fully recovered from his marathon; Good Ben was chomping at the bit to run (after his wine country vacation); and Doug is always ready for some fast trail running.

So, I set a faster pace than normal right from the start. We were playing leapfrog with some night MTB'ers. We would race ahead of them on the technical stuff, and they would catch us on the faster, less rocky trails. By the first crossing of the Blue River, we had lost them for good. The water wasn't as cold or deep as I thought it would be. The trails on the west side of the river are very fast, and I set a steady, but fast pace. I let Good Ben lead from the 2nd river crossing to the finish. We finished the 7 miles of rocky, rooty trail in about 1-hour even. Fast enough to kick some Mountain Bike Ass, I'd say.

Side note: I shouldn't eat barbeque at lunch, and then LEAD a trail run. The "Flatulence Factor" was tearing-up my running partners. I mean it...their eyes were burning. Sorry dudes!

Tomorrow morning I have to go into work, so I won't be running at WyCo. I'll lead the group on Sunday at SM Park, though. We should be able to crank-out at least 15 miles on the trails; the weather and trail conditions will be perfect.

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robtherunner said...

Sounds like some great trail running.