Thursday, November 03, 2005

Let's Catch Up

I haven't posted for a while, so, I'll catch you up with the last week and a half of events.
A couple of Sundays ago, on October 23rd, Kyle and I decided at the last second to do the Blue Springs Trail Marathon. We had also run it last year (as a training run), and thought it would be a great (and cheap) training day marathon. We had another intent, as well: to push/pull our newbie trailrunning buddy Jason Crosby, to his first marathon finish. Jason designed the shirt for the race. The pace we kept was slow, steady, and fun.
How I felt: I could've run about 30 to 45 minutes faster in the race, but that wasn't the was supposed to be a long, slow, distance training run. I'm happy with how my training is going...I barely felt the marathon after I was done, and ran hard & fast two days later, on a 10-mile trail run.
The night trail runs are great! We've had 9 people on average show up on both Tuesday and Thursday nights to run on rocky, rooty, and hilly trails. I even had a special Halloween Costume Trail Run last week. I called it the "Boo River Parkway Trail Run", and it was run on the Blue River Parkway Trails. James Barker showed up as Alex, with a tree branch stuck to his head, a vodka bottle in his hand, and a dog chomping onto his arm. "Good Ben" Reeves showed up as Little Red Riding Hood, red dress and all. Kyle Amos was Darth Vader, and I was a dead runner, wearing bib numbers "666" on the front, and "1313" on my back. Newbies Chris, Caleb, and Doug showed up, as well. Good fun and a fast trail run. We ran the 7+ miles of dirt trails and water crossings in 1:02! Not bad. I had brought some appropriate homebrew for afterward: Drive-By Malt Liquor and Bitch-Slap Black Ale.
We ran long the next morning (Saturday) at Shawnee Mission Park, then had a trail maintenance day on Sunday at Wyandotte County Park. Five of us worked for over 5 hours adding some decent singletrack trails at WyCo.
I ended up getting strep throat from my grandson (or son), and missed almost a full day of work on Monday. The antibiotics are kicking in, and I had my first run since Saturday on Wednesday night. We ran on the paved streamway trails for the WNR. We met at 103rd & State Line, and Jeff P and I ran for about 6 miles. It felt good to run again. We had a little tailgate party afterward. I hit the weights this morning. Back into the swing of things, again! I'm well on my way to another training buildup for the Rocky Raccoon 100-mile Trail Run in February. It will be the 4th year in a row that I've run in the Rocky Raccoon 100.


plods said...

You sound like running is the most natural thing for you! Congrats to your friend for his 100th... that's very impressive :-O

Batscout said...

Your blog is spectacular Ben. I wish I had somebody living near me to trail run with. Trail running is one of my favorite things. I never have a running partner or anyone else and I almost have NEVER crossed anyone when running on the trails. I will definately become a regular visitor at your blog.

Josh said...

Ben -- wow and thank you...that's all I can say. I truly appreciate the donation! It came as a complete (and welcome) surprise.

Thanks man!

p.s. Great blog!