Monday, June 26, 2006

Trail Run Race Report

The following is a race report of our trailrunning group's first trail series event. Normally, I would be race directing and doing 75% of the preparation work for such an event, but I now have a cadre of "trailrunning event experts" that are "stepping up to the plate" to take on race directing and other responsibilities. I think this is Just Awesome! I have enough going on with 3 websites, 4 blogs, KC Track Club Board of Directors' duties, and working 50 hours per week; all while trying to train for my own events and trying to have a personal life to boot!

June 24 "Spring Fling / Summer Intro 7-Mile Trail Race" Report

The first race of our Kansas City Area (Trail Nerds) Trail Series is now history. Thirty-three runners showed up on a humid Saturday morning to run 7 miles on the Blue River Parkway trail system. Kyle Amos, the race director, had wheel-measured and marked the turns of the course the day before the race. The markings were clear and concise, and nobody was awarded the infamous "lost beyond all possible reason" award.

Local trail runner Caleb Chatfield, was trying to get over an injury before the race and he was "iffy" as to whether he would race or not. He decided to put on his singlet and pay the $8 entry fee and race, anyway. We saw no difference between an "injured" Caleb and the normally healthy (and fast) young Kansan. He burned through the course like a chain-smoker "burns one" after a 7-hour plane ride. His time was 43:23; just under a 6:12/mile pace for the rocky, rooty, and hilly trail run. New-to-the-area Kurt Kaczor cruised to take second place in fine form, in a speedy 49:08. Kyle Amos, the race director and local ultrarunner extrordinaire, turned-in a very decent 49:49 for third. Nine women participated in the race. Amber Anda took first place overall, followed closely by Nichole Thompson. Deb Johnson (of Shawnee, Kansas) took an uncontested third place.

We had some excellent help before, during, and after the race. In fact, the first and second-place males (Caleb & Curt), and the first-place female (Amber), helped clean-up the course after the race was over!!! Aren't trailrunners great? "Good" Ben Reeves took photos, and helped during and after the race, (he was resting-up for an Adventure Race the next day). Many others not mentioned helped-out, as well. As the old saying goes, "many hands made light work!" And trailrunners are more than happy to pitch-in. More about this race.

If you missed this race and still want to participate in the trail series, don't worry! We will have additional races and "make-up" races between now and the series finale in February. The next trail race will be an after-dark (nightime) trail race, and will necessitate the use of a flash light or head lamp. The date for this will be announced on the the trailrunning blog and both of the local running group websites. Expect the event date to be within the next 6 weeks, or so. The entry fee for the shorter runs in this series is always just a measly eight-bucks. The shorter races in the series are always low-key events, and sign-up is on the day of the race. If you want a Jason Crosby-designed Trail Series shirt, it is just $8, and you can get one at any of the Trail Series events.

More information and photos will be posted (soon) to the Trailrunning Blog site. You can also find information for upcoming trail races there, or you can receive e-mail messages from the trailrunning group site. Group trail runs happen up to 5 times per week, and you can find their locations and times on the same trailrunning group site.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben


angie's pink fuzzy said...

who knew there was such a thriving trail running community in Kansas!

that is awesome, what fun :)

robtherunner said...

Sounds like a great series. We have a local trail series that includes a 5, 7.5, 10, and half-marathon distances put on by the Seattle Running Co. I have not had the opportunity to take part since I have been focusing on long distance in the past so I am looking forward to trying to take in some short races and especially trail races.