Monday, October 20, 2008

I Get To Run One!

The Trail Nerd group has matured enough that I don't have to be involved in the planning of each and every one of our many races. Kyle Amos has been race directing for quite a while, and Gary Henry did a wonderful job with the Pod Trod. This weekend was no exception. Caleb Chatfield directed our Fall Fell trail race, with Jim Megerson providing course support. To make a short story shorter, I got to run in one of our races!

The race was our annual Fall Fell trail race, on Sunday, October 19th. This course is a fun one. It has everything; from very runnable flatter sections to very rocky technical trail, and even two 40-foot wide river crossings! About 1/2 of the trail consists of running on sharp, loose rocks, with lots of overhanging tree branches and fun obstacles. I think I surprised a couple of people by finishing 9th overall, with an 8:23 minutes per mile pace. I didn't even get chicked!

It was great seeing many of the familiar faces that I always see at our races, and some new faces of Trail Newbies, too.

I'll be doing the beautiful Rock Creek 50-kilometer race this Saturday. I'm finally feeling like my 100-mile training is coming along well. I can't wait for the next Rocky Raccoon!

Results. Dick Ross' Photos.

All Photos by Dick Ross:
My technique:
The trick to stream crossing is look straight ahead, and go like hell!

Leaving Water

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Blyfinn said...

Nice run! I would love to do a course like that. All I have that is close is the Living History Farms Cross Country Race.