Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pod Trod

The Trail Nerds have been busy!

Last weekend, we hosted the first-ever Pod Trod MP3-Mile Challenge. Gary Henry was the official Race Director. (I was out of town for a family gig in Spokane, Washington).

This race had three different courses, but started and finished at the same place and time.
All courses were approximately 3.1 miles in distance.
Participants did not know the courses in advance.
They downloaded one of the course's instructions in MP3 format (from our web site) the night before or the morning of the race. It was their choice which course they picked, and it was the "luck of the draw" as to which course was more difficult.
All entrants wore IPods (or other brand MP3 players) and followed the instructions given, to complete their selected course. (Runners had to provide their own IPods or MP3 players). They were required to pick-up "Trail Tokens" along the way to prove they completed the correct course.
If someone was "IPod Challenged" and couldn't figure-out how to download the attached files, they could run with someone who had an IPod, but were supposed to be wearing a shirt that had the words "I'm with Stupid" written on it.

This race had some fun categories and awards for:

Trail Savant: 1st place M/F for each different course
Special Idiot
Blind as a Cave-dwelling Fish
Instuctionally Hearing-impaired
Rock-banging Neo-Luddite
Lost beyond all Possible Reason

Other News:
We've also had some really good press, recently...besides a newspaper article, podcasts, and a one-hour radio show, we had a 5-page article from an "embedded reporter" who ran with us.

We also had a lot of fun at the Mud and Muck run.


Blyfinn said...

That sounds like a blast.

Peter said...

It was a blast. I ran the Clinton Confusion course and was fortunate enough not to get lost. I especially enjoyed the run along the shoreline, although you couldn't really look out at the lake for fear of tripping over a rock/root/log.

Question: On my recording, it said Clinton was the easiest course...what were hardest and second hardest?


Ben, aka BadBen said...

A little zaniness was involved. On all three recordings it said "Congratulations, you've picked the easiest course."

Glad you had fun running this unique event!

Happy trails,

Peter said...

You little stinkers!