Sunday, October 12, 2008

Heartland 50 & 100: Good Times!

October 11, 12, 2008:
Well, for the third year in a row, Raul Flores and I set up our "Mirage aid station" at mile 95.2 of the Heartland 100-mile course. This year, we had help.
October 2008 104
Raul, Christie, and Debbie await 50-mile Nerd Finishers, Nick and Coleen..

Also, some of the "Nerds Crew" and finishers of the 50-mile race helped to setup the aid station.
Speaking of which, Coleen and Nick did well in their first 50-miler, too. Coleen rocked 2nd place female overall, and Nick was 10th in the entire field, overall. We're proud of our Nerds! Wynn Davis (from Wisconsin) won the 100-miler, with our Nerd (Caleb Chatfield) pacing him the last 30 miles.
AND, Nerds Co-founder, Kyle Amos took 3rd overall in the 100!!! Kyle looked awesome at mile 95, too! Gary Henry was out there again too, providing aid station support and course cleanup.

2008_Heartland 004
Nick and Coleen after their finish.
2008_Heartland 005
Raul works on Coleen while she sips some of my homebrew.
2008_Heartland 007
Nick gets equal treatment. Ouch!!!

Working the aid station was a blast. I was very tired to start with, because I'd been called into work at 2 a.m. Saturday morning, and had missed out on at least 4 hours of sleep that night. Going into something like this with a sleep deficit is not a good thing. Luckily, I got a couple of hours of sleep at about 9 to 11 p.m., prior to the big surge of runners coming through. Check out the photos:

2008_Heartland 008
The Elemental Packing Job.

Set up crew.
2008_Heartland 012
Our motto. We had shovels at the aid station to back it up, too.
2008_Heartland 015
Caleb Chatfield
2008_Heartland 016
Wynn Davis, just 5 miles prior to his Wynn-Win situation.
2008_Heartland 024
Runners on the course.
2008_Heartland 027
Dale Perry needs some of my homebrew to straighten him out.
2008_Heartland 026
I'm tired!
Kyle Amos & family.

More Photos.

Gary Henry's Photos.


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