Thursday, April 17, 2008


The current story about the polygamist / pedophiles compound in Texas makes me sick. The common denominator in all extreme "fundamentalist" religions seems to be the total subjugation of women and children, to the pleasure of the few males in control.
The men really make me sick, but everytime I see a brainwashed "sect woman" with that cow-like contented look on her face, I get even sicker. It's as if she's happily left her brains behind, and has left her entire soul and welfare in someone else's hands.
Sorry about the non-running-related post. Some things just piss me off.

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Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

When I see such things, I also wish they led a more "enlightened" and "free" life. Then I realize that they are alive and as such, they've chosen to live that way. Fundamental feminists aren't all that different. They're just not as successful because most men can't and won't be subjugated like that. Whether it's a faction of Islam, Mormonism, or something a tribe in the Amazon, subjugation is still a personal choice that the New Hampshire state motto has articulated well. "Live Free or Die" The women in these "Sect compounds" have had more choices than that since they live in the US. If they're using children for sex then it needs to be stopped. If it's about a different way of life that affects nobody else but those who chose to participate in it, then I say live and let live.