Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Trail Nerd Series

Our little trailrunning group here in Kansas City is going to put on a fun series of short trail races, throughout the rest of this year. They will be impromptu, short distance events of 10K to 10-miles in length. It should be fun. We'll have at least 3 more Saturday morning races in various parks, and (hopefully) a night run, as well.

We now have available, just in time for Summer: short-sleeve Trail Nerds (black) tee-shirts with the following (Jason Crosby-designed) logo on the front:

We will also be ordering some (silver) sleeveless, technical (moisture-wicking) running shirts with a much smaller and simpler logo on it that will look like this:

Being a Trail Nerd has never been so much fun.

Happy Trails!!!


olga said...

I can't believe - you said Psycho, in Kansas, has 15k of change? Just like Mac? Well, not that surprised, Mac is pretty low and doesn't have big climbs, but lots of pitches...Most of all I love the name of your group:)

Lora said...

Do we have to show up to be a Trail Nerd and buy that awesome tee??????

Ben, aka BadBen said...

If you want to buy a shirt, get my e-mail from my profile, and we'll talk. For the regular black tee-shirt, $9 would cover the cost of the tee and shipping, with "KC Track Club" written on the check.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Or you can pay online through I added an extra "tee-shirt only" category.

crallspace said...

Trail nerds?

I think I like it... but I am a terrible runner.

robtherunner said...

A local running store puts on a trail series at a place called Cougar Mountain in the Seattle area that starts with 5 miles, then 10 miles, and finally a half marathon. I think this is a great way to introduce road runners to trail running and perhaps even allow them to consider ultras. Your shirt graphics are much better than most races.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Thanks, Rob. The shirt graphics are the talented work of Jason Crosby, our trailrunning graphic artist in residence. You can find out more about his art at:

Susan said...

Trail Nerds is the best name - those shirts are awesome. I need to find some trail runners in my area.

crallspace said...

Ben... seriously, when you come up to portland, if you can set a day aside to come down here, I will gladly show you some of my favorite trails.