Monday, April 03, 2006

More Rockin' K Trail Run Photos

Here are a few more photos from the Rockin' K Trail race on Saturday.
Yes, there are female Trail Nerds, as well. We don't discriminate. A (trail) nerd is a nerd.
All of them finished and did very well, by the way.


Dirt Runner said...

That's a pretty good turn out of Trail Nerds for a road trip. We had 3 do the 50k, 7 run the 25k and 2 volunteer at the 1st water only aid station from the 7 Hills RC. Of course this was in our home course.

badbendrs said...

It was a nice weekend all-around, and it WAS well-attended by us Trail Nerds.

Just for you, the Raccoon and Wildlife report:
In the middle of the night, I had to scare-off a big, fat raccoon that was eating my dog's food. My dog was really pissed, but he kept quiet upon my urging.
We woke up to the sounds of wild turkeys gobbling.
I didn't see any prairie dogs, this time.
I saw quite a few hawks.
Buzzards fact, you knew where the next runner was (on the course) due to the circling buzzards following them.
2 lizards
2 snakes.
1 tick (on me).
Lots of leaches.
Lots of spiders.
Lots of various flying bugs.
Tons of deer.
Horses and horse people.

Lora said...

Hey...nobody mentioned leaches when I first started thinking of being a trail runner! Cripes!! You're freakin me out now!!

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Leeches are no problem. If one attaches to you, don't try to pull it's too slippery to do easily. To take it off, you just break open an electrolyte capsule and sprinkle some salt on it. It comes off quickly.

Susan said...

Great pictures! You dog is beautiful.

Josh said...

Looks like it was a great time!

E-Speed said...

I love the wine photo! Too cute!

crallspace said...

Looks like a fun time..

Hey, since I agreed with your list of shit music, I must offer you a CD of my old radio show, The Sound Experiment. Your profile mentioned you like eclectic and wierd. I may have a good mix for you.

If an hour long radio show of experimental music and sound interests you, email me a snail mail addy at

Lenren said...

Great pictures! The one with the baby and the dog looked a little scary though.

Dawn - Pink Chick said...

Wait I wasn't there, but yet I see a pink water bottle for wine...that would be so like

dirt_trail_runner said...

Great blog, nice pics. Good luck in upcoming races...jason