Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Too Many Long Runs, I Guess

I'm leaving for Texas A & M this Sunday for my annual 1-week refresher course (for work). This means that I'll have a viable excuse for NOT running a long distance training run or race next Sunday. I'll run our little trail run on Saturday, and then skip doing a long run on Sunday.

Some recent history...I've done at least a marathon distance to 50-mile distance for the last four straight weekends. My weekly mileage has never been more than 65 miles, though. This last Sunday, my body finally said "uncle." I struggled significantly for the last 5 miles of a 24-1/2 mile training run. I felt totally spent for about 6 hours on Sunday afternoon, and I had a lot of sh*t to do, (that wasn't getting done)!

So I think a rest & recharge is in order!


Dirt Runner said...

That's the right place not to run. College Station lacks running dirt. But just in case, here's a fat-ass course.


Ben, aka BadBen said...

Thanks, Rick.
I may be able to get away for a semi-illegal evening headlamp run.