Monday, November 20, 2006

Hmmm...This is What I've Been up to, Lately

Update for the last week or so:
I went to Texas for my annual (job-related) training down at Texas A & M. I was there all of last week. We packed two weeks worth of training into 4 days, basically.

The weekend before I went to Texas, the Trail Nerds had a fun little trail run on Veteran's Day. Details Here. I was the race director, but I got to run in the event, too. We had a flag ceremony and played the Star Spangled Banner prior to the start of the race.

I ran every day when I was down in Texas, but only for 30-minutes each morning. When you run at 4:30 a.m., you tend to see some interesting characters. On Tuesday morning I saw one guy running with a parka and shorts, wearing knee-high white socks, carrying a 6-foot long wooden pole...I didn't ask.

This past weekend, I ran 9 miles on trails at SM Park on Saturday. Kyle and a newbie showed up. On Sunday, I ran with a gaggle of the Trail Nerds at (hilly) WyCo Park. Kyle and I opted for two loops, for a total of 20 tough miles. I didn't take-in enough calories prior to the run and I bonked BIG TIME! I was light-headed and spacey for the last 5 miles of the run. It took me a couple of hours to recover. I have to start eating better before my long runs!

Because of work issues and travel, I've neglected my weightlifting for 2 weeks, but I was back at it on Monday morning. I plan to "stay with the program" for the foreseeable future.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Here are some photos from our Vet's day race:

The start of the Vet's Day trail race on a cold Saturday morning. This photo by Dick Ross at

The footing sucked, somewhat. It was a fun time, though.
What madman would design a course like this?
Guilty, as charged.

At times, the trail was hard to find and hilly as hell.

Running across an open area.

Stacy is finished!!! We even had chip timing, courtesy of Raul Flores.


Anonymous said...

looks like a nice trail run. Happy Thanksgiving and I look forward to seeing you on Sunday at Dude..

Sarah said...

Looks like it was a crazy fun trail race! : )

shliknik said...

Good times! Even though I don't get to run the trail anymore, I still recognize every hill and turn in the pics.

I'll see you in Feb. though!

D said...

You guys are so hard core!

Barb said...

Wow! That looks like fun! Happy Thanksgiving!