Friday, September 15, 2006

Running Along Okay

Well, my recovery continues. My back and hamstring still hurt, but I've been running through the pain okay.

I ran well Tuesday evening. 10 miles on the SMP trails, at a medium pace. Thursday night, I ran about 10 miles while marking Saturday's race course with the Trail Nerds. Tomorrow I'll race the 8.5 mile course, (which is actually about 9.5 miles), then help de-mark it, for a total of ??? miles. Sunday, I plan to run for 3 hours or so at Kill Creek Park. I'll have 40-50 miles for the week, depending upon what I run on Saturday morning. I've also been getting back to my weightlifting workouts, and have had 3 good ones so far this week, with one more scheduled for this afternoon.

By the way, my son will be running in the race on Saturday. Pretty cool.

I finally set up a link to my photos from the start and finish of the CCC100 trail race.


Lora said...

Fun pics....everyone is soooo dirty at the end...I love it! And I got a kick out of the ladies knitting while waiting. Smart way to kill the time.

Good luck to your son this Saturday...glad to hear you're recovering well.

olga said...

May be I should bring knitting for my crew to RDL -they'll be tired waiting:)

Gregg Lynn said...

Great pics, Ben. See you on the 1st in Lawrence!

E-Speed said...

Love all the pictures, the beer shot is nice!