Friday, August 18, 2006

Packing for the 100-miler

I'm already starting to pack for the 100-miler that I'll be running in 8 days. It's not that I'm nervous, it's just a system that works for me. Four or five days from now, I'll say, "oh yeah, I need to take that thingy, too," and I will pack that up, too. It is part of my ritual for getting ready for a big event.

I still don't have a "warm and fuzzy" feeling about the new race director and organization. One of the reasons - I don't know the people, and haven't been to this race before. Another reason is that this (new) RD doesn't answer his e-mails very often, and the web site is still a mid-90's-style BASIC information site, (and it has only been updated once this past year). Also, even potential volunteers have had a hard time contacting the race organization.

Because of these thoughts, I plan to be as self-sufficient as possible, which means packing more than I normally would pack. That way, I will have no worries (other than running), on race day.

UPDATE: The race director called me back on Sunday night. He's updated the web site, and seems to have everything in order. This helped put my mind at ease.

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olga said...

I do same thing - I pack a week in advance and then add on what I forgot. Basically, I have a bag half-ready sitting all the time:) Last year it was needed, this year it's getting lonely and bored...
Marcus is ok, but I have no idea why the hell he never responds to people! Him directiong was what deterred me from signing to CCC vs AC at the beginning of the year (not that AC is happening now...) but I am sure old-school volunteers will pull it off. He does direct a relay, so he knows what he is up to. But being self-sufficient just in a case is a brilliant idea.

E-Speed said...

hope the race exceeds your expectations! I get extremely frustrated with race websites that don't answer my every last question. I wasn't impressed with Steelheads site at all but the race was fantastic. I hope you have a similar experience!

Rae said...

Good luck with the race! I know you'll do GREAT!

Kim said...

What's your typical list of items to bring to a 100?