Wednesday, August 16, 2006

"Cool" 85-degree Weather Brings out More Runners

We had 14 runners show up to run on the rocky & rooty trails of SM Park, last night. I think the "cooler" weather helped, quite a bit. It's funny how relative the term "cooler" is when you're used to over a month of 100+ degree (F) weather. I ran a loop with my son prior to the group run, then I led one 4-mile loop with the group. I pushed the pace a little, and we spread out a bit. It just felt so good to run in slightly cooler temps, and not be sick, anymore.

Usually, we'll have between 7 to 10 runners show up for our Trail Nerds runs on any given Tuesday night. We haven't had 14 or more show up for a night run since last Winter. Thursday night, the numbers will probably be back down again, though. It's supposed to be 100 or so, with a higher heat index. I can't wait for Fall. The cumulative effect of all of this heat is pissing me off, and my lawn looks like crap.

Wow, just 1-1/2 weeks until I run in my 100-miler. I feel strong and ready, once again. The last few days, I've been working on and testing a heart-healthy version of a recipe for Norwegian lefse bread. In the 50-miler 2 weeks ago, I had some at an aid station, and it really made my day. I think I've found a new ultra-fuel that I can keep down. I want to make some and have it on hand at the race.
Check out this cartoon. I resemble this, sometimes.


D said...

Awesome that your son is running with you. My daughter won't run w/me. Maybe she'll change her mind soon as she has really matured in the last year. I can't believe you are nearing your 100 mile race. My legs hurt for you. Yeah - I can't wait until fall. On Monday evening while running on the track (I'm not as adventurous as you guys) I was in heaven - it was in the 80s (I know you know that). It's funny that the 80s are cool to us right now!

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

That is really cool that Matt is running again. Hopefully, he'll have the group chasing him soon!
What a good run last night. Feel great. You're right about the temp perspective... feels like fall is on the way already!

Lora said...

Love the cartoon....make it female and that's me too.

How did the bread come out?

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I still have to work on the recipe a little.

olga said...

With regard on junk miles - not only time on your feet matters (I am with that too), but it provides a rest for the soul. I do know of many fine runners who only train hard or rest, but basically we can looking at those slow poke runs as something we purely love to do, need or not:)

Bring some bread to CCC!