Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Psycho Wyco 2009

Well, my Race Directing the 5th Annual Psycho Wyco run is over. I am exhausted.

Special thanks to all of our wonderful volunteers, and our main sponsors Dynamic Earth and Providence Medical Center. Thanks to Noodles & Company for the meal money (to the Nerds), and Dynamic Earth for helping to set this up. And Wyandotte County Lake Park Deputy Director and all of the helpful staff and rangers.

KC Multisport stepped up to the plate and provided an additional "staffed" aid station that was much appreciated by the runners. A Golite rep was there too, and gave away some nice schwag with Dynamic Earth's excellent offerings. And special thanks to Ultimate Direction, who donated water bottles for folks that forgot theirs. Once again, James Barker made some fantastic soup...chicken noodle and lentil. The Amos Family aid station had fantastic cookies and quesadillas.

Cowboy Bob Bundschuh set up the Wyco Triangle Aid station, and had some excellent staffing: Pat Perry, Mel Baldridge, Coleen Voeks, Chrisie Craig and others. We had some great help from Scott, Terri Burlingame, Cheri Sutton, and others. Debbie Webster and Julie Toft were interloper helpers that went everywhere. Shane and Brandy Jones helped here, there and everywhere. Thanks to Raul and Jeremy for their endurance timing, and to Nancy for letting me have Raul for all of Valentine's Day.

And special thanks to my son Matt Holmes, who endured and relished 2-1/2 days of hard work, helping out his Old Man. There were many others that I haven't mentioned that worked in the "invisible background" of this race. Including the course-marking crew, and the folks that are (and will be) de-marking the course. Yes, the work goes on and on.

Here's the rest of the story, told in photos and race reports:

2009 Race Results

Kansas City Star Article by Ryan Young

2009 Race Photos

Dick Ross' Photos:
928 Action Photos are here
100 Fun photos are here

Rich Stigall's Water Crossing Photos

Race Reports

Gary Henry 10-Mile
Rob Horton 10-Mile
Rob Horton Schwag Score
Mircea 10-Mile
Shane Jones 10-Mile
Steve Hudson 10-Mile
Geoff H. 10-Mile
Mary Ann M. 10-Mile
Craig Finnestad 20-Mile
Brett Hodges 20-Mile


Muddy Mo said...

When I saw the piece in the Star I did a little Matt McConaughey, "Alright, Alright, Alright!"

Congrats on a successful event!

shliknik said...

CONGRATS AGAIN! Wish I was there.

The Nerd's goal of world domination continues.

Brooklyn said...

Good job, man. It takes a special breed of person to be a race director. I'm pretty sure those people are in the small nook where the "crazy" and "awesome" circles overlap in the big Venn diagram of life.

Runners like me appreciate take-charge guys like you. Keep up the good work!