Thursday, July 03, 2008

Trail Nerds Media Day

The Trail Nerds' had an interesting "media day" yesterday. I took a day of vacation from work.

First on the daily agenda - Kyle Amos and I were on the 10-11 a.m. Walt Bodine Show, on the local NPR affilliate, KCUR FM. Kyle had been down at Lake of the Ozarks on a family vacation, and drove-up just for the show. The show was a lot of fun...just a quiet one-hour conversation about trail and ultrarunning.

Gina Kaufman, Walt Bodine's co-host, filled-in for the absent Walt. She's very good at what she does, and picks-up on key words and subject matter quickly.

Right after the show, Carolyn from The Pitch called me. She met and interviewed me for quite a while. She's run with the Nerds a couple of times, and might do a profile/story on a couple of the Nerds. By the way, we were voted Running Group of the Year last year by The Pitch's readers.

(So far, the New York Times hasn't called to do an in-depth story on the Nerds).

By the way...the News Director (and award-winning reporter) Frank Morris, originally clued the Walt Bodine Show's producer to do a show about the Trail Nerds. Frank has participated in our events before, and seems to like our quirky ways. But then again, who wouldn't? I'm quite the news-hound and researcher myself, and found out that 15 years ago or so, Frank was quite the local Grunge-era Rocker, in a band called "Guard Rails" or (something similar). Yeah, he's quirky and cool enough to be a true Trail Nerd!

After all of that, I still ended up going in to work for a little while to solve a problem (on my vacation day-off, no less). I then gathered up our new event shirts and supplies, and headed up to WyCo Park to do some trail maintenance and marking for our race, with Shane, Adam, Oscar, and CynicalMudBabe. Afterward, we went to Shane's house and his wife Brandy had prepared some munchies and beer for us, and we proceeded to get our race packet stuffing completed. The lights went out quite a few times, due to a major thunderstorm.

After all was complete, I went by my son's Starbucks to talk to him around closing time. He had sent me a photo of a funnel cloud he'd spotted from his store, just a couple of hours prior.

Quite the day.

Here's where you can either listen to or download the show we did.


Topher said...

That's awesome, Ben! I just downloaded the show to listen to. My wife and I get a kick out of the WB Show b/c it seems that Walt's a hoot. He tries to keep up with the conversation, but seems that Gina has to work pretty hard some days to keep him on track, and on the right topic. Bless his heart.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Thanks. I met Walt 10 years ago at Momma's on 39th. He's a very knowledgeable and interesting character...but not quite as sharp as he used to be. But then, who of us are?
Happy trails,

Kim said...

What a great day of fun I bet.

Congrats, RD, on a great Psycho Wyco...I hear it was the best!

Travis said...

Hey Ben! I caught some of the interview while I was driving in between meetings. I'll catch the rest of it on the flight home from Denver tonight. Thanks for a good run and conversation the other night. I hope Summer Psycho was a Psych-cess.

WynnMan said...

badBad Ben!! what's up! I read the reports of the race. Sounded like another doozie. I love you make these masochistic courses. Look for me to be there next year as I pay another visit to that nasty ditch of yours. I dub it as the toughest 50k I've ever run and one of the toughest in the country. Did you have the heat donw there like last? We had heat up here at Afton. Unfortunately my CR plans were a bust. O well, maybe another day. Glad to hear you added another hill! Just what that course needs. Can't wait to curse up it next year.

talke to caleb and glad to see he had a strong race.

Looks like my CR held up just barely.

Keep brewing and running!

Next stop for me is Voyageur. How bout you? When you coming up to these neck of the woods. We have some gnarly races up here.

Ben, aka BadBen said...


On the same day as Voyageur, I'm running the PCT50M on Mt Hood for the third year in a row. I broke my nose on the course last year, and need my vengeance...I'll break that b*tch's Cascade Mountain nose for sure.

I'll be back at Voyageur (or Sawtooth) soon enough. I've done the Voyageur 50M five times. I love that race! Powerlines is a cinch...just go up the hills backwards, and it will feel like you're going downhill.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben

shliknik said...

Wow!!! You guys are gettin' big time!

The lil' Trail Nerds are alll growz up! When they comment on the beeeyewtiful event shirts/medals, make sure you send 'em my way!!!