Saturday, March 01, 2008

Goodbye, Sweet Dog 1997 - 2008

Dog and Gson


Our sweet dog (Fester) touched a lot of lives. This is written in memory of him and his loyal and unconditional love for us and so many.

We didn't choose him...he chose us, literally. We went to a pet adoption center and he reached out and hugged us. We had no choice but to adopt him and take him home!

He was a kind and gentle soul. He loved people and social occasions. If we had a party at the house, he would lay down in the middle of the room and just take it all in.

He made friends with many of our neighborhood's dogs and cats. Yes, cats! An 85-pound dog that cats would rub up against and cuddle with. They would even come to the house and beg for him to come out and play!

He led a very rich life. He loved his walks. We would go on one almost every night. He would especially make me walk him after coming home from being out of town, even if I had just run a 100-miler and was hurting.

He was the only dog that I knew of that would make-up his own walks. He liked to "mix it up," somewhat, with a different combination of streets and turns of his own choosing, every time. On one very special walk, he had a hand (or paw) in designing the famous "Fester's Wander" section of trail in Wyandotte County Lake Park. Many trail runners and hikers have experienced this challenging section of trail, for the past few years.

On his last day, he went with me to Lawrence to spend some quiet time with her while I ran with friends on the North Shore trails. He got to meet a little girl and her dog and he made a few more friends with people and animals on that day.

When we got home, our neighbors Ray and Angela were in their front yard with their dog (Oscar), and he went to say hello to the three of them. While we were in the front yard, "Fluffy" kitty came running across the street to come rub up against his buddy, one last time. He got to see our grandson (his buddy) again, and take one last Saturday afternoon post-run nap with me.

He will be be missed, but his love for us will not be forgotton.

Happy Heavenly trails, our sweet & loving dog.

Fluffy saying hello to my dog one last time.

With my grandson in November.

Fester Driving
Dog of many talents.

Grandson and dog.
An Autumn walk in the woods.

On "Fester's Wander" Trail

2007BerrymanTrail 014
Camping at Berryman.


Kim said...

What a beautiful friend!
He had a wonderful life.

robtherunner said...

So sorry to hear about your good friend and companion.

Stephen said...

A precious creature indeed, and one that was obviously loved very much.

That was a wonderful tribute!

Shane"CRASH"Jones said...

Sorry to hear about Fester. I know how much he meant to you and your family. His name will live on.

Jenny said...


I am really sorry for your loss. Fester was a special boy and it sounds like he had a wonderful life.

Sarah said...

What a nice tribute! I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. He certainly does sound like a sweet dog who was a great companion.

Anonymous said...

He will always be remembered Ben.

June(Canada Girl)

Greg On the Run said...

My heart just breaks reading your tribute to your friend. And it makes me miss my friends who are now gone, too.

Love your race reports.

Found you on the Complete Running Network. You'll find others stopping by soon.

Ben aka "Good Ben" said...

I also am sorry for your loss. Fester was indeed a great friend to many and a very fun companion. It was a privilege to have known, petted, and played with him.

shliknik said...

As Shane said, his hame will live on w/ the portion of WYCO dedicated in his name.

olga said...

Aww, Ben, how sad...and how beautiful. May he run trails un-end, and enjoy them as he always did.

Anonymous said...

Very sad news amigo. He was a good dog.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

I'm so sorry Ben! My heart aches for you guys. I feel honored to have gotten one last chance to pet and love on him. I'll run his wander this week and remember what a gorgeous, fabulous dog he was.

Donald said...

Sorry for your loss. He obviously gave you a lot of great memories.

Ben, aka BadBen said...

Thanks for all of the positive comments, everybody. It was a rough weekend.

nwgdc said...

wonderful writing, ben. i don't envy your task, but you've shared quite a bit, and made me thankful for my little buddy, Parsenn.

AnthonyP said...

Sorry about the loss. Fantastic tribute.

Travis said...

sorry to hear this. I can say I truly enjoy the fact that Fester's Wanter was created by your dog.

Journey to a Centum said...

It's hard to lose a loved one. It reminds us all of the inevitable. The course Rob and I ran last weekend looped past an old graveyard. It got us talking about how good it was to be out enjoying the marathon. I think we even ran a bit harder every time we past that section of trail.

Fester will forever be in the hearts of those who loved him. You guys take care.


What a sweet dog, Ben.


Loni Edwards said...

What a beautiful ode to a beautiful friend! It sounds like he lived a very full and happy life. I hope you and your family can find comfort in that. I found your blog off of a link of Jason Crosby's from Illustration Friday.

Gregg Lynn said...

Sorry for your loss, Ben! That's very sad...

angie's pink fuzzy said...

may he rest in peace

kelly said...

Your post made me cry. I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my best friend 3 years ago and I still miss her everyday. He was one lucky pooch.

Strawberry Hill Runner said...

I ran Wyco today and there was tons of doggy paw prints in the mud in Festers Wander... I think Fester is still running his trails.

Rae said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, what a beautiful tribute. Dogs give the purest, most unconditional love.

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