Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Partying with the Blues Brothers

My company "holiday party" this year was fabulous. Not only did we have great food, and our normal "dressy-up" good times, but Jim Belushi was present with his Blues band, and he put on a fantastic 90-minute show for us. Practically everybody was on the dance floor, and he brought a lot of "our wimmens" up on stage with him, and even danced-on (and almost collapsed) a table! These photos were taken by many folks, and I don't have any idea who to credit them to. What a company I work for!!!


E-Speed said...

Looks like it was exciting!

Happy holidays!

Runner Susan said...

those are some great photos! what a fun party.

Sam said...

You know how to party Ben!
An early Happy New year to you and I hope 2008 treats you well.
Obviously I don't comment a lot on your blog but I check in often for motivation and many smiles.

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