Thursday, May 31, 2007

WS100 Training Camp

Preliminary report: I survived all three days of training, and feel pretty darn good. My runner (Patrick Perry), is very fit and confident, and he's on track for a sub-24 buckle.

Western States 100 training camp was awesome! It's hard to simulate (here in the Midwest) running down a steep mountain trail for 45 minutes at a sub-7-minute pace; and it's really hard to simulate a climb that lasts for over an hour. We had more than a few of them. The first day was the toughest...I ran out of water twice.

Running for 3 days in a row over the Sierra Nevada Mountains was great training. I'd recommend this training to anyone that wants some really tough training towards a mountain event.

I'll post some photos and have a better report, once I've caught-up a little with my "regular life" here in Humid-Flatland.

Happy trails,
Bad Ben


Backofpack said...

Oh, it's a small world all right. Remember me? Crewed for Rob Hester at CCC - Michelle? Guess what! I'm Eric's wife - have been since 1979, which includes that time spent in Spokane. I was really surprised when Eric showed me your picture! Congrats on a good training weekend and I'll see you at WS!

shliknik said...

Sounds like a blast! Running with hills is the best..est..est.

Lucy and I are venturing to Western NC this weekend to explore some new trails.

Should be fun!

Runner Susan said...

i might run up a mountain if something were chasing me . . .