Saturday, April 21, 2007

Short Story, Hard Fall; New Vistas

Well, I haven't fallen for about a year on a trail run. All I can say is, "it was about time, and maybe long overdue."

This morning, while showing two newbies how to run on trails without falling on their asses...I fell. I fell real goooood, too.

I was on the "Eddy Trail" at Kill Creek Park, in the section with the most sharp rocks frigging possible...I looked down from the cliff to see a large owl in a tree..."ooh, how cool"...CRASH! My foot wedged under a rock, and I hit the rocks like a sack of sh!t.

No real harm done: I had a bleeding gouge out of my right palm, and a huge knot on my left elbow and left wrist. I continued the run and used it as an example as to why not to get flippant and take your eyes off of the trail without stopping, first. I'm still okay to do my long run on Sunday.

On another note - My son just loaded MS Vista on his laptop. He spent all of Friday trying to get it to work right, and to use I-Tunes. He's not real happy with it. He put it quite succinctly, I think, when he stated: "I get the feeling that I just loaded the largest virus known to man onto my poor, unsuspecting computer."

Peas out, homelies,
Bad Ben


Coach Tammy said...

Glad you're ok. That's the bad thing about trail running. It's so gorgeous you want to look around and soak it in, but if you do... WHAP!

Anonymous said...

I don't know how many times 1 foot has gotten just off the trail in soft dirt and I have gone down. Glad you are not hurt!

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olga said...

Aha, this why I learned not to look up but suck in the surrounding beauty with my skin:) then I release it with sweat, that's my story, and I am sticking with it!
Feel better.

olga said...

Corner eye vision works too.
But you know it much better than me, I think you just missed the fall feeling:)

Sam said...

Darned owl!
Stuff happens and heal up wayward son.
Bet that owl is still laughing:)

Ben, aka BadBen said...

I may have broken a finger during the fall, also. It works okay (and is straight enough), though. I'm too busy preparing for the race this week, so I'll get it looked at next week.

Bad Ben

"Pain is relative. It's my mother in-law."

shliknik said...

Yep...falls happen. I usually have one good fall or sprain per year that keeps me off the trails for a bit. That's totally worth not running on pavement though!

BTW, it's MAC only for me and has been since '99!!!!