Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Busy February: Psycho 50K, 100-miler, Ice, Shoe Screwing & Barefoot Runner

Well, another super-crazy-busy February is winding down, somewhat. Two weekends ago, I ran a tough 100-miler. Last weekend, I race-directed a 3-race event. I'm busy this weekend, too, but not for 18-24 hours per day, like the past two weekends.

This was last weekend's event:

Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run
50 Km, 10 Mile, & 20 Mile Trail Runs
3rd Annual
Saturday, February 10, 2007
8:00 AM
Wyandotte County Lake Park Kansas City, KS

What a fun day we all had at the 3rd annual Psycho WyCo Run Toto Run. Check out some of the race details:

We had record attendance: 281 entrants.

We had a severely icy trail!

We had a "Shoe Screwing" pit stop.

We had a new course 50-kilometer record of 4:39:17, set by Caleb Chatfield, during really icy course conditions.
Caleb Chatfield -------Photo by Dick Ross

We had another "Trail Nerd," Kyle Amos, give Caleb some serious competition.

We had terrific volunteers and knowledgeable aid station personnel.

We had good, hot soup.

We had a lot of Muzzurahns, quite a few Kansans, way too many Iowanians, more than a few MNsotans, 1 German, a Cuban, some Oklahomans, three terrific Texans, two "Joisy" girls, a few fast Nebraskans, and our first BAREFOOT finisher.
Photo by Rick Mayo

The race reports, photos, and happening's are here.
My full Race Director's report is Here.

"Bad Ben" & "Good Ben" ------Photo by Dick Ross

Happy trails,

Bad Ben
Head Trail Nerd
"Dirty Feet, Run Dirt Cheap"


Rob "Buckeye" Powell said...

Looks like fun was had by all Trail Nerds.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

woo hoo, how cool!

robtherunner said...

I remember you talking about a challenge for someone to run that course barfeoot. My hats off to that guy.