Friday, January 05, 2007


I had some photos taken at a professional studio, recently. The studio is owned by Peter Obetz, a gifted photographer. These are two of the proofs that I have chosen to have larger photos printed and framed.

The title I would choose for either of these photos would be "buddies." My grandson, dog and I are just that...buddies that have a good time together.



A funny story.

While waiting to get our photos taken, my 4 y.o. grandson was severely interested in the Airstream trailer that was parked inside Peter's studio:


He was allowed to play in it for a while. He thought it was a spaceship and liked the fact that it had a nice kitchen area and a bed. During the photo session, he asked Peter if he's ever "blasted off" in his spaceship and gone to other planets. Peter said no, he just pulls it behind his truck to special photo shoots. My grandson had a weird look on his face after that answer.

One week later, my grandson was in Santa's lap. He asked Santa for a spaceship. I didn't put two and two together, so I got him a Lego spaceship. On Christmas day, he was looking for his spaceship out in front of our house, still expecting Santa to deliver his Airstream trailer!


E-Speed said...

Those are adorable pics and a wonderful story!

Caleb said...

Nice pictures, I knew you guys were getting them taken, I just didn't know it was just the three of you. The Airstream story made me laugh!!!!!

robtherunner said...

Those are great photos Ben.

For some reason you had disappeared from my bloglines. I was wondering why I had not seen any new posts from you lately. Looking forward to a great 2007 and a return to CCC.

Julie B said...

Oh...he is so cute! And yes, the grandson as well :) What great pictures, Ben.

Jeff said...

Very nice, Badness!! I need to get out and run with you guys sometime soon.

Gregg Lynn said...

Great pictures, Ben.

"See! You ain't so BAD!"--Rocky Balboa

Have fun with your buddies.

running42k said...

Great pictures and great story.

angie's pink fuzzy said...

love the photos. the story bout the spaceship is too cute.

shliknik said...

Lucy and I got our first 'babies' this Christmas - two lil sausage dogs.

olga said...

I actually just scrolled find that you grandson is a complete copy of you! What a cutie is dog too!

Paul said...

Ben, love the pics and the story!

By the way, I tried to check out the website for the photographer, but it didn't open. ANy thoughts? My wife is wanting some nice portraits done, we haven't done that in a while, and I always trust a friend's referral over some piece-of-shit junk mail! See ya out there soon!